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Zen Qigong Community

Our usual schedule
Zazen at sunrise, Monday through Saturday. During that time we sit zazen for an hour; there is a signal at 40 minutes for people who need to leave early or change position. After zazen we have a brief service for about ten minutes.

Tuesday evenings qigong; class meets from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Wednesday evenings qigong: class meets at Aronos Hall in Sonora, 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Thursday evening meditation and study group meets 7-9 pm. The first hour is 45 minutes of zazen followed by a brief service. During the second hour (8-9 pm) we have a study session; we have tea and a snack while we read and discuss a Buddhist text. People are welcome to come to either or both parts of the program.

For meditation instruction and an introduction to our Soto Zen forms, contact Bob to arrange an individual appointment.

Individual practice discussion is available with Bob during zazen sessions, or by appointment.

There are no fees for zazen practice, the Thursday night group, or individual practice discussion. There is a fee for the qigong classes. Also, we gratefully accept donations, all of which go to upkeep of the center.

We are currently relocating so we are not holding our usual schedule. For information about our current status contact Bob directly at